Our Services

Our main area of expertise is stained glass and lead light window design, build and repairs.
These range from traditional squares and diamonds to the more decorative pieces.

Although our main day to day work is domestic (mainly front doors and windows) we have also
been involved in some large commercial jobs, most recently being the refurbishment on Bush House, Aldwych. We also take on many heritage projects in grade I and II listed buildings and have been involved in maintaining lead lights in areas like Hampstead Garden Suburb and Moor Park for many years.

If lead light panes are bowed, rattling, the solder at the joints are cracked or there is damage to the
lead we rebuild the pane. This involves removing the old lead, cleaning the old glass and replacing
any broken bits with similar or in keeping glass. We then rebuild with new lead and cement so the window is waterproof and solid.

If there is cracks in the glass but the lead is still in good condition it should be possible to repair this on-site for very little cost.

Many people prefer the insulating properties of double glazing, which has two options. If the existing frames permit, we can encapsulate a traditional lead light in a unit making a triple glazed unit (minimum 28mm). If the frames are not deep enough for this, secondary glazing may be an option. The new versions of this blend easily into your window coming in white, brown and black gloss. They can be made with toughened glass, have additional safety catches, and can easily be removed for cleaning purposes.